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Our Mission

We believe that almost everyone, young or old, of whatever degree of talent, can enjoy making music. And in these tension-filled times, what better way to relax and share experiences, and have a means of developing self-expression, feelings of accomplishment and self-worth, than with music?

Our History

Steve and Audrey Tice both graduated from Messiah College, Pennsylvania, in 1981 with Bachelors of Science degrees in Music Education. They continued their education at Ohio University where, in 1983, Audrey received a Masters of Music in Clarinet Performance and Woodwind Pedagogy. That same year, Steve received a Masters of Music degree in Composition. The Tices moved to Long Island in 1984 and began teaching at the Malverne School of Music. By 1989 they had become owners and directors of the school. Since then, they have sought to create an environment in which becoming an educated musician is both fun and rewarding.