How do I find the right teacher?

The “right teacher” is someone who has a good personality and can inspire his students. He or she should be someone who teaches your instrument full time. The right teacher should play well, keep up-to-date, know how to present clearly the right material at the right time, and also be caring and responsive to each student’s needs.

Our students quickly develop a close personal relationship with their teachers. That’s why starting with the Malverne School of Music will make all the difference even if you’ve had a negative experience with someone else.

In addition to a formal education in music, our professionally skilled and experienced teachers must pass our own rigorous training program. This guarantees that all our teachers are using the same techniques and methods that have made us so successful.

Can you explain more about your methods?

Our methods are based on common sense. We balance an emphasis on fundamentals while stressing creativity and enjoyment. We have found a thorough education in fundamentals ensures that our students continue to learn smoothly and rapidly. They learn to read music with ease and understanding. We train the eye and the ear as well as the fingers. Our students acquire correct habits of practice and master technical skills. True enjoyment comes from complete understanding and playing with ease.

While learning the fundamentals, our students maintain their interest because we offer them music of their own choice. Our students enjoy the challenge of classical, popular and jazz forms so they can gradually develop their own preferences. We tailor the lessons to meet their level of skill, and then try to challenge them on a slightly higher plane to maintain their interest and concentration. Music taught by our methods certainly won’t be dull!

Do I need talent?

We have found that virtually everyone has enough talent to enjoy playing a musical instrument. If you or your child has the desire to learn, you can succeed with the right teacher. When someone becomes a musical drop-out, we believe it is not because he lacks talent, but because the teacher failed to provide the correct mixture of fundamentals, inspiration and a genuine caring.

During your trial lesson, our skilled teachers will tell you something about your natural abilities. Furthermore, talent that is not immediately apparent can develop as you continue to play.

Do you offer demonstration lessons?

We realize that many people want to “check us out” before they decide whether or not to continue with us. That is why you take your first lesson with no obligation to continue. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with us, or if we feel your child is not ready yet, there will be no charge. You can’t lose!

What if I don’t have an instrument?

We have electronic keyboards, guitars and various other instruments that we can rent to you at very low fees. In fact, our rates are so low that we will rent keyboards and guitars only to enrolled students. Our rental service lets you try an instrument for a few months without the expense of a major purchase.

We at the Malverne School of Music are professional, skilled and reliable. Why not contact us to set a date for your trial lesson?